Cyber Security Group

Rauch’s Cyber Security Group is committed to providing state of the art current & emerging technology, training, and services to our clients within the global marketspace.

  • Open Source & Threat Intelligence
  • Pattern of Life
  • Client Centric Analysis & Assessment
  • Signature Reduction
  • Internal & External PEN Testing
  • Red Team Support
  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managed Services
  • Client Specified Custom Programs
  • 24/7 Monitoring via effective Intel Fusion and a robust Global Security Operations Capability
  • Tier One Personnel
  • Operational and Training Support
  • Partnering with the right teams and companies that share our Commitment to Excellence
  • Vehicle Dynamics Institute
  • Black Horse Solutions
  • Quantum Vetting, Inc.
  • Semantic AI
  • Arbalest Solutions Group
  • QRC Technologies


Rauch has extensive knowledge and experience in various markets. If you need services in a different industry view our other companies.